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Hook & Ladder 8 Tribeca Ghostbusters Patch



Ghostbusters Patch Ladder 8

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Ghostbusters Patch Ladder 8

Introducing August’s “Firehouse of the Month”
FDNY Hook & Ladder 8 – Tribeca, NYC

“Ghostbusters House”

Join us we celebrate each month, one of FDNY’s many firehouses/stations that house NYC’s Bravest.

Firehouse: Hook & Ladder 8

Nickname: Ghostbusters House

Location: 14 North Moore Street, NY 10013
Did you know:

Hook and Ladder Company 8 was established in 1865 as a volunteer fire company. It was originally located at 153 Franklin Street. In 1866, Ladder 8 was relocated to its new quarters located at 7 North Moore Street where it would remain for decades.

After the consolidation of the five boroughs of New York in 1898, the Metropolitan Fire Department was reorganized into the New York City Fire Department. A few years later, plans started to erect a new fire station for Ladder 8.

Located at 14 North Moore Street, Ladder 8’s new quarters would be one of the first of its designs. A “Double Company” facility built with handsome brick and limestone with two great archway entrances for the two companies the quarters would house.

In 1914, New York City would begin a project that would widen Varick Street by 30 feet. The city looked into options to relocate Ladder 8 again. The Fire Commissioner made a surprise decision: the firehouse would simply be cut in half. The second company would be dropped in December of 1915.

In 1984 Ladder 8 came to be entrenched in cinematic history. The building that had housed firemen for close to a century was chosen to be used as the headquarters of the cult movie phenomenon – Ghostbusters. The firehouse would become known as “The Ghostbusters Firehouse” but would also be used in various other movies, television shows, and commercials.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Ladder 8 responded to the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center. Lt Vincent G. Halloran would not return to quarters that day. Lt. Halloran was survived by his wife Marie and six children. In 2005 a movement began to consider renaming the block of North Moore Street between Varick and West Broadway for Lieutenant Halloran.

In 2015, Ladder 8’s door would be closed once again. This time Ladder 8 would be temporarily relocated to the quarters of Ladder 20 in SOHO, while Ladder 8’s own quarters were being renovated. In June of 2018 Ladder 8 returned to their now modernized firehouse. The members of Ladder 8 continue to serve the great people of this city, especially their neighbors in Tribeca.

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