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February 21, 2016
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February 21, 2016
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WNYF 3rd/2015


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WNYF Magazine is an official training publication of the New York City Fire Department. WNYF contains articles of interest to anyone involved in the fire service. Oriented to those directly involved in fire operations, training and safety, WNYF publishes articles of technical or practical importance to those individuals routinely engaged in providing firefighting services.

Back Issue: WNYF 3rd/2015


  • FDNY Members Meet Challenges of Brooklyn Hardware Store Fire
  • Responding to an Electrical Odor
  • When a “Routine” Call is Anything but Routine
  • Operating at Escalator Fires and Emergencies
  • Maintaining the Fleet — The Marine Maintenance Diver Program
  • Crane Calamity in Midtown Manhattan
  • Shoring Operations at 261 Madison Avenue (sidebar to above)
  • The Dangers of Belt Man Lifts
  • The General Slocum Fire
  • An Intro to the Columbia Association
  • Wild-Impacted Fires…Without the Wind: How the Stack Effect Can Impact a Fire
  • FDNY 150, Celebrating the Past, Present and Future

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