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February 21, 2016
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February 21, 2016
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WNYF 1st/2015


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WNYF Magazine is an official training publication of the New York City Fire Department. WNYF contains articles of interest to anyone involved in the fire service. Oriented to those directly involved in fire operations, training and safety, WNYF publishes articles of technical or practical importance to those individuals routinely engaged in providing firefighting services.

Back Issue: WNYF 1st/2015


  • FDNY IMT Deploys to Buffalo
  • The Situation Unit and Field Observers
  • FDNY Staff Chiefs
  • Heavy Streams Extinguish Four-Alarm Brooklyn Paper Bale Fire
  • Typical Gothic-Style Church Fire with Atypical Results: Our Lady of Sorrows Church
  • Technical Rescue Operations: One TWC — Occupied Off-Level Scaffold
  • The Company Drill
  • Bedford Park Four-Alarm Blaze Poses Many Challenges for Bronx Firefighters
  • Recap of the 2015 FDNY/FDNY Foundation Symposium
  • A Brief History of FDNY Badges and Helmet Frontpieces

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